a cut-down version of its flagship camera meant explicitly for FPV drone pilots like the one who famously blazed through that bowling alley last year

When I say cut down, I mean there’s no screens, no speaker, no door, no waterproofing, and no battery inside this thing:


some pilots were literally cutting their cameras open to reduce their weight by removing unnecessary components but that doing so

 So GoPro’s new Bones brings its flagship Hero10 Black’s sensor, lens, processor, and long-impressive HyperSmooth built-in stabilization

software to a newly ventilated, heatsink-equipped barebones camera that weighs just 54 grams.

It’s the lightest GoPro ever, just over a third the weight of the original Hero10 Black, and it’s lighter than the 74-gram

It’s even smaller without a GoPro mount. It has a replaceable cover lens, compatible with Hero10 and Hero9 ND filters.

it’s become a pretty important perspective for cinematographers.