sursuri li part 2 ullu web series watch online cast release date

sursuri li part 2 ullu web series has been released, whose trailer came a few days ago, in the new web series sursuri li, Nidhi Mahavan has played the main character, which you will definitely feel good seeing, now its sursuri li part 2 has also arrived. Which has been released today, you can see it on Owl’s official app.

sursuri li part 2

sursuri li part 2 story

There is a man named Sur Kumar who wants to marry his favorite girl. That’s what his dream is. He can do anything to make this dream come true. When he meets a girl named Surili, he also has the same dream. They both have the same dream and both happily agree to marry each other. Now what happens next, you will have to watch this web series.

sursuri li part 2

Friends, in this web series you get to see a lot of adult scenes, so you cannot watch this web series with your family at all. If you watch this web series alone, it will be great for you. You will enjoy a lot by watching this web series. If you want to give such a place now, then you can go and see them at one place.

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sursuri li part 2 cast

Talking about sursuri li part 2 cast, it stars Nidhi Mahavan in lead role and other actorsAjay Mehra as Sur, Jay Shaker Tripathi as Ranjan, Mahi Khan as Kamini, Ankur Malhotra as Dawood

sursuri li part 2

web series namesursuri-li
release date8 july 2022
castnidhi Mahawana, Ajay Mehra as Sur , Jay Shaker Tripathi as Ranjan , Mahi Khan as Kamini , Ankur Malhotra as Dawood

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sursuri li part 2 watch online

sursuri li part 2 watch online You can watch it on owl app but for that you need to have owl app subscription, otherwise you can also watch it by messaging on sursuri li part 2 watch online telegram, for this we are on telegram Very hot and bold scenes have been given in the new web series Sursuri Lee Part 2, which has been liked by the public.

sursuri li part 2 release date

Talking about sursuri li part 2 release date, its trailer has been released but it will be live streamed on Ullu app on 8th July 2022.

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