Rajasthan Police Verification | Rajasthan Police Verification Certificate Status 2022

Rajasthan Police Verification Police Verification Rajasthan Police Verification Certificate Status and Rajasthan :- If you want to know about Rajasthan Police Verification and Rajasthan Police Verification Certificate then you must read this article completely. In this article how we do police check in Rajasthan and how we can apply online for police check Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Police Verification

What is Police Check Rajasthan?

The police check is a type of certificate of character. Through this, you are told that you have not committed any kind of legal crime in the past nor have you been involved in any legal crime. Through this police check, Rajasthan provides information about your permanent address and how the people of your colony and area are treated and how your character has been in the past. The police verification is usually requested at the time of employment in a private company. Police check person can be done in both online and offline mode.

If a person wants to get police check online then he can apply online through e-mitra or he can apply for Rajasthan Police Check offline by filling the application form by visiting the police station of his location. .

Required Documents for Rajasthan Police Verification Certificate

The list of documents that you will need to get the Rajasthan police check is provided below. Following are the documents for Rajasthan police check:-

Photo of both sides of applicant’s Aadhar card
passport size photograph of the applicant
Ration Card / Jan Aadhar Card / Bhamashah Card Front and Back
How to apply for Rajasthan police check?
The applicant has two options to request the police verification. The applicant can apply online or, if desired, can also apply offline.

rajasthan police verification online

apply online
For Rajasthan police check, the applicant needs to go to e-mitra. With E-mitra, one can easily apply for police verification online. Information on all the documents that the applicant will need to apply online has already been provided earlier in this article. The applicant will need to bring the above documents with them and can apply online by paying the prescribed E-Mitra fee.

rajasthan police verification status

apply offline
Police verification can also be requested offline at your own level. To apply offline, a person needs to go to the local police station or he can also go to the SP office and fill out the offline application form for police verification. But at present time only online application is promoted. The person submitting the offline application will need to fill out the form in the prescribed format and attach all the necessary documents along with it and submit that form to the police station.

How To Check Rajasthan Police Verification Certificate Status

After applying online for Rajasthan police check, many times we need to know what is the status of the police check that we apply. What happened to Rajasthan police check app made by us? That application has been rejected or the application is under police verification process or the applied police verification has been converted. To know all these situations and see the status of Police Check Rajasthan, we have provided you complete information below. You can easily check the status of your Rajasthan Police Check by following the steps given below:-

First of all, the applicant needs to visit the official website of the Rajasthan Police. The official website of the Rajasthan Police Department is www.police.rajasthan.gov.in.
After visiting the official website of the Rajasthan Police, you will see the Public Information section on the home page. Go to the Citizen Services option in the Public Information section and click on Verification Status (Certificate of Character).
rajasthan police check
Then a new page will open in front of you. On this website you can check your status through two means. The first option is the Police Reference ID and the second option is the E-Mitra Kiosk Token. If you have either of these available, after selecting that option, enter the Token number or Referral ID and click the search button.
After clicking on the search button, your Rajasthan police check status will appear in front of you.



(Q.1) How to Check Rajasthan Police Verification Online?
Answer For the status of Police Verification Certificate, you can visit the official website of Rajasthan Police www.police.rajasthan.gov.in.

(Q.2) How to do Rajasthan police check?
Answer For this, you can apply online from E-mitra and the police check is done in 10-15 days.


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