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Anupamaa 23rd June written updates Anuj tells Anupama that he is doing all this for her as he doesn’t desire Vanraj and also Leela implicates her and talks with her in a high tone. He claims also he has a restriction on his perseverance and also requests her to keep away from Shah’s household for a couple of days


Anupamaa says Kinjal is becoming a mommy, then exactly how can she let her alone in this circumstance; she will certainly manage Mr. Shah. Anuj asks if she can take care of Vanraj for 26 years and states Vanraj has a mental issue as well as not also himself can manage him; he says he is extremely frustrated with Vanraj’s behavior as well as doesn’t want to see his face a minimum of for a couple of days.

anuj kapadia in anupama

Pakhi challenges Vanraj for heckling her and claims it was a crash. Vanraj shouts enough. Pakhi responds he is enough. Leela asks what took place, why are they suggesting as well as where is Kinjal. Vanraj claims Pakhi had most likely to party at Anupama’s home as well as Kinjal got injured there, both infant and kinjal are risk-free by god’s elegance. Leela says they shouldn’t have gone there. Vanraj says she should discuss it with Pakhi and also claims Pakhi went there by disobeying him.

Pakhi states she has gone on him as well as says he conveniently bought every person not to go there, yet she will certainly visit her mummy’s house regardless. Vanraj warns that nobody will certainly go there. Pakhi runs to her area weeping. Vanraj feels disheartened and tells Hasmukh that his youngsters feel suffocated in his house and feel embarrassed about आईटी। anuj kapadia in Anupamaa anupamaa 23rd june written updates

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Anupamaa informs Anuj that she can understand him, yet Kinjal requires her most at this time. Anuj asks why Vanraj blames her constantly as well as asks her to quit defending Vanraj. Anupama asks why would she protect Vanraj, it’s not easy for her to endure Vanraj and she endured using him for 26 years, also she does not intend to see his face, होवेवेर, needs to she throw ा rock on him and also misbehave with him.


Anuj requests her once more to stay away from Shah family members for a few days as he wants her to obtain out of her poisonous past; says he respects Hasmukh as well as Leela a whole lot, yet he can not allow Vanraj तो embarrass his other half commonly; says he can not let her benefits become her weak point. Anupama states she will allow seniors’ distinctions तो keep her youngsters far from हेर। anupama serial aaj ka anupamaa 23rd june written updates

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Vanraj believes he constantly utilized to states that there is something in between them that is not letting them part methods, since they both are conflicting in each other’s lives a great deal; he does not have ान issue with her conference his children, but now he has. Anuj tells Anupama that he wants her to be solid even if he is far from her as well as does not want her to say soooorrrryy sorry to any person.


Barkha states like Anupamaa took represents her maika/parental development, she will take a stand for Anuj as he is right. Anuj strolls to his space remembering Vanraj implicating Anupama and Anupama अपोलॉगीज़िंग for तो him. He thinks Anupama’s problem is she looks for थे goodness in every person, yet he can distinguish who is excellent and who misbehaves; he can not see her weeping and saying सॉरी। anupamaa 23rd june written updates

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Barkha informs Anupamaa that she enjoys her maika, but they do not value her as well as no one quit or concerns Vanraj, not even Hasmukh. Sara asks Barkha to quit and also finish this subject currently. Barkha claims often they need to, she doesn’t want any type of problems between Anuj and also Anupama and also for this reason requires conflict;

she asks Anupama if she doesn’t like me as well as Ankush curse Anuj frequently, after that why shouldn’t Anuj feel negative when she is humiliated. Adhik applauds Barkha’s video game mind and also informs Anupama claims Anuj takes care of her a great deal. Barkha asks Anupama where is Anuj in her happiness, her kids, her maika, एंड her choices. Anupama walks away silently remembering Anuj as well as Barkha’s वर्ड्स। anupamaa 23rd june written updates

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Ankush confronts Barkha for interfering in between husband and wife’s fight. Barkha states it was essential as well as he will certainly not understand. Ankush states she can not clarify or justify himself. Adhik states that male always produces problems whenever he visits them. Sara asks him what that man suggests, he needs to call Vanraj’s uncle.

She claims they provided Vanraj factors both times to respond and advises that Barkha used to panic even if she and also Adhik got injured a bit and also had punched a physician when. She asks Barkha if her reaction was justified then, एंड how is Vanraj’s response incorrect then. She asks rather than developing much more trouble, why can’t she fix the earlier ones. Ankush applauds Sara that she is the youngest one however the विसेस्ट। anupamaa 23rd june written updates

Barkha tells Ankush Sara is a child as well as immature. Ankush asks when she is mature, एंड why did she factor problems with Anupama’s maika. Barkha says when she can direct at her maika’s error, why can not she point at Anupamaa maika’s errors. Sara states her timing was wrong and also it will certainly develop differences between Anuj and also Anupama.

Barkha says it will certainly get them much better instead. Sara asks after that why don’t she and also papa is more detailed currently, maybe they do not like each other at all. Barkha and Ankush stand stunned hearing that. Anupamaa walks to Anuj’s area. Tu Meri Zindagi Hai. song. plays behind-the-scenes. She sits calmly on the bed and after that weeps तो hugs him tightly.

Kavya suggests तहत Pakhi to apologize Vanraj and tranquil him when he is angry. Pakhi asks why must she बे when Vanraj is at mistake and also states Anupama never stopped her from meeting papa. Kavya states what can Vanraj do if he is not sorted out like Anupamaa . Pakhi states Vanraj is jealous that Anupamaa married abundant Anuj.

Kavya says they both are angry now and also thus she will speak to them later on. Pakhi gets Adhik’s message as well as grins. Anuj apologizes तो Anupama for sharing his thought in front of every person and also states he can not regulate himself when someone misbehaves with her. She says they had assured each other to freely reveal their thoughts to other. He says his method was wrong. She says he was loyal. They both integrate their distinctions and also smile.

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