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acharya movie review 2022 The temple city of Dharmasthali Basava is under the tyrannical rule of Son Sooda. Acharya (Chiranjeevi) fearlessly comes to you, to which he has no objection. How does Acharya create fear in Basava? What his relationship is like with Siddha (Ram Charan) is the story of the film’s origins. acharya movie review 2022

acharya movie review 2022

movie nameacharya
release date29 april 2022
castChiranjeevi ,Ram Charan  ,Son Sooda
directorkoratala shiva

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The acting megastar Chiranjeevi is known for his unique style and energy on the screen, whatever the role. Similarly, Koratala Shiva is known for his unique characterization of the hero as seen in all his films. In Acharya, Chiranjeevi designs it as Koratala Shiva Nayak. The result is that we see a megastar without its normal energy and free flow. Chiranjeevi is seen in Acharya as a passive-aggressive character.acharya movie review 2022

acharya movie review 2022

There is intensity, but energy is lacking. When confronted with a regular and predictable story, there is almost no impact. The Chiranjee seems to be moving from one action block to another, and there’s nothing exciting and fun in between. What we have in the end is, in the long run, oblivion from the star. When he comes to Ram Charan, he appears in the second part and takes us back to the times of the Rach trilogy. acharya movie review 2022

This is not a bad performance, but a completely routine task. The difference between his recent trip and Acharya can be seen and felt. It is definitely not to be missed, especially after ones like Rangasthalam and RRR.

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acharya movie review 2022 Four Old Films, Koratala Shiva is directed by Acharya. In a very short time, he distinguished himself from the crowd with his story, writing and presentation. Acharya Koratala takes Shiva back to his cold days. This is mainly due to the lack of freshness in a completely predictable story. acharya movie review 2022

acharya movie review 2022

Remember that acharya movie review 2022 was a conspiracy to resolve the never-ending dispute between the two villages. What is the difference between presentation and writing? The hero looked very fashionable and the massive elements turned out to be extravagant.acharya movie review 2022

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Koratala tries to do the same with Shiva Acharya, but stumbles upon a script. The story of Acharya is both predictable and predictable. From the presentation of Dharmasthali and Basawa we know where he is going. The “hero” enters space to save the day. Chiranjeevi is portrayed in a charming avatar and delivers sparkling action. However, in writing Kortala Shiva fails and thus the element of freshness disappears.

Chiranjeevi has no depth in writing, he has a familiar story, and the formulaic construction is the same as the first half. It will not be an exaggeration to say that it tests patience. It lacks connective tissue between likable action sequences. As a result, one is not really invested in the action, even if it is a difficult action.acharya movie review 2022

Against the interval, don’t forget to increase the momentum and hope to see Ram Charan perform in the second half. Really expect some energy and strength to build up in the second half. Unfortunately, the second half goes even further into the water. Hardly anything memorable, be it in terms of writing or execution. We have several problems facing us and the heroes are fighting through them and giving the message ofacharya movie review 2022 ‘Dharma’.

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Nonetheless, it is patiently awaited in the hope that the combined scenes between Chiranjeevi and Charan are yet to come, which will give some respite. Unfortunately, Koratala Shiva failed to use them. The song ‘Bhanjara’ has no significant moment to represent a couple of father and son except a short one. The camaraderie between Chiranjeevi and Charan during the sequence of the fight shows how foolish Koratala Siva is in using the star couple. It’s funny in the mind and awful in execution.

The climax is long, and the emotions make it look like an endless saga. So it won’t be a surprise if someone then decides to leave without waiting for the movie to end. It’s that tedious and patient ordeal. Overall, Acharya is arguably Koratala Shiva’s weakest work in terms of miles. He doesn’t take advantage of the stars available to him and prepares a lifeless, boring and boring action drama for them.

Even fans will find it difficult to watch the film in its entirety. Apart from Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan, there is almost no role worth talking about about other players ’games. Everything is half baked. No wonder part of the mascara was completely cut out. Even Pooja Hegde can offer nothing but to perform as Charan’s girlfriend. Sonu Sood is the main villain in Acharya. It works normally and is fine. acharya movie review 2022

The kishor we see in the small role is enough. Venela Kishore, Nassar and others are wasted in insignificant roles. Music and other departments? Mani Sharma’s music is pretty simple. Except for ‘Lahe Lahe’ and acharya movie review 2022 ‘Bhanjara’ there is nothing worth saying. The veteran musician failed miserably on his way back with the greatest opportunity. But music is not the biggest disappointment acharya movie review 2022

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This is a background in which musicians are skilled. Maybe it’s a last-minute rush with post-production or some other technical problem; BGM is difficult and does not stop the process. Nothing is too high. Thiru’s cinematography is neat, encompassing jungle spaces and lush greenery.

acharya movie review 2022

Colors with their deep shades bring a unique texture to the process. Editing Naveen Nooli is fine. The work of VFX is poor and gives a charming atmosphere to the proceedings in some parts. Much has been said about the works of art, and little about the spirit of the living village.

We can feel the artificial environment all the time. Expose? banjara song ek jodi akcijski blok kaamiyaan? Predictable story Routine Emotion Formula Boring narrative Poor writing Alternative shot Like many other previous films,


Acharya feels like a remake of a film in another language. In this case, he seems to be largely inspired by the Bollywood film Farishtey. did i enjoy Wouldn’t you recommend it? no

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